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supervillainday's Journal

Super Villain Appreciation Day
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Celebrating Super Villain Appreciation Day
Hey, let's admit it. The bad guys are way cooler than any good guy. They're even cooler than those chip-on-the-shoulder anti-heroes. So this year, celebrate Super Villain Appreciation Day right.

Join up and start henching! Spread the bad word: SVAD is coming… And there’s nothing anyone can do about it! (Especially not those meddling super heroes!)

Super Villain Appreciation Day (SVAD) occurs on the first Saturday after Halloween (this year: November 1st). SVAD’s purpose is to honor, pay tribute to, and otherwise display our henchmanly (or henchwomanly) loyalty to those who will inevitably win in the end for good is dumb. SVAD is here to say, Super Villains, do your worst! Please… We beg of you!

On SVAD, it is customary and appropriate to educate the masses on the superiority of these evil, sadistic, homicidal sociopaths and/or geniuses. This is best done by hosting or attending a SVAD celebration dressed as your favorite fiend, or otherwise spreading the word to other henches through letters of appreciation and devotion. If you are surrounded by freakin’ idiots who haven’t yet realized that only those in the good graces of the bad guys are going to make it through the nuclear meltdown alive, be sure to pick up plenty of henching applications.

And of course, be sure to send a personal hand-written thank you note to those you serve. It’s the least you can do.

* * *

SVAD will be hosting a series of polls for this year's reigning king or queen of the vile. Nominate the most wicked super villain you know for:

Television shows

The top 5 super villains will be chosen for the polls!

Watch for the SVAD "Super Villain's Creed" to learn what it takes to be a super villain.

Start planning your SVAD parties now. Less than 6 months to go...

* * *

Check us out on MySpace (http://groups.MySpace.com/SVAD and at Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13343333346)